Cocina Vietnamita

Learn to use your taste buds to create delicious vietnamese dishes blending crunchy textures and sweet and sour flavours that will captivate you and give you the tools to experiment with vietnamese gastronomy.

3 hours (meal included)
12 personas

Vietnam is a country full of surprises! Their gastronomy is one of them, blending perfectly east and southeast asia with a touch of the west. The Colorful presentations together with the interesting mix of flavours and textures will make you fall head over heels for vietnamese food!

In your course you will be cooking:

  • Beef pho soup
  • Fresh vietnamese rolls
  • Bánh Rá. Glutinous rice fried balls
  • Corn and tapioca pudding with coconut milk


At the end of the course there will be a meal accompanied by local wine.

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